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Hurlcon Hydronic Heating - naturally better

Make your hydronic system the most efficient possible...

Beretta's Meteo Green pre-mix hydronic condensing boilers are now available exclusively from Hurlcon Heating
With over 8 million boilers produced to date and Beretta boiler systems powering the Pyramid Laboratory on the Nepali side at the base of Mount Everest as well as powering the total hot water requirements of the Olympic Village in Rio De Janeiro, site of the 2016 Olympic games, you can be assured of buying a technologically advanced, quality product which will save you money by reducing energy costs.  Meteo Green is a 2nd generation pre-mix condensing boiler which delivers the amount of gas proportional to the amount of air blown by the fan into the burner, according to heat demands.  The wall thermostat and outdoor sensor (supplied), interface with the boiler, allowing the boiler to constantly fine tune and adjust itself to operate as efficiently as possible and as close to condensing temperatures as possible.  The outdoor sensor contributes to the overall efficiency by communicating changes in outside temperature so the boiler can compensate to provide a consistently comfortable living environment and help to minimise fuel costs. The modulating pump means energy savings on electricity usage by producing only the amount of energy required to circulate the hot water through the system on demand.  The patented aluminium heat exchanger is a single piece component with no welds, therefore, no weak points, the 6060 alloy used has superb anti-corrosion properties.  Why aluminium?  Most importantly the thermal conductivity of aluminium is far superior to stainless steel giving uniform heat distribution, therefore, less hot spots, which equals greater efficiency and less likelihood of scale build up.  An unparalled 1:10 modulation means the boiler avoids continuous on/off cycles, adjusting smoothly to all possible heat demands.  Coupled with it's impeccable green credentials, the Meteo Green delivers everything the discerning buyer could want from a boiler.

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A leading manufacturer and supplier of hydronic products since the 1960's, Hurlcon Hydronic Heating are well placed to supply quality hydronic products made in our brand new purpose built manufacturing plant in  Keysborough Melbourne Australia or imported from leading manufacturers and long term overseas suppliers.  All our hydronic products are backed up with our industry experience and expertise, with total commitment to product quality and support.

Hydronic gas central heating provides luxuriant warmth in the same way nature does by natural convection and radiation. It doesn't dry out the air by burning or cause unpleasant draughts or hot spots. No noisy electric fans cycling off and on, just silent, peaceful, comfortable hydronic warmth.

For total peace of mind, your Hurlcon Hydronic Heating gas central heating system will give many years of the most reliable, economical, environmentally friendly, comfortable and natural central heating available on the Australian market.

Hurlcon Hydronic Heating are dedicated to bringing hydronic central heating into the Australian marketplace, helping all Australians experience the best form of central heating possible.

Hurlcon Hydronic Heating - naturally better!