Why Hydronic

9 reasons to choose Hurlcon hydronic gas central heating - naturally better...   also FAQ's...

  1. Think Globally, Act Locally
    With our large manufacturing plant in Keysborough Melbourne Australia, Hurlcon Hydronic Heating are proudly manufacturing quality Australian made products for both the domestic and export market.  Our Solazar natural convectors, trench heaters, skirting convectors and fan convectors are some of the innovative, precision engineered, quality products developed and produced here in Melbourne with Australian ingenuity, skill and experience.  The first potential moral benefit is environmental: Bringing goods from afar generally requires using more energy than transporting goods locally and transportation can contribute to environmental contamination. The goal of localisation is not necessarily to eradicate globalisation; rather it is to reduce unnecessary transport and to strengthen and diversify community economies.
  2. Comfortable
    Hurlcon Hydronic Heating systems use natural convection and radiant heat to centrally heat your home, which means it doesn't dry out the air or create draughts and hot spots. Enjoy a constant even temperature throughout the whole house, enabling you to live like it's summer all year round.
  3. Silent
    Don’t put up with noisy electric fans cycling off and on, adding to indoor noise pollution. Enjoy peace and quiet, install hydronic central heating, the sound of silence.
  4. Allergy & dust free
    With gas ducted central heating, a major breeding ground for dust mites, allergens and bacteria are the ducts themselves. Hydronic gas central heating has no forced air circulation or ducts to  spread  dust mites allergens and bacteria throughout the home. For these reasons, hydronic gas central heating has always been the preferred heating choice for engineers and consultants in the health industry.
  5. Safe
    Where other types of gas central heating have ducts full of dust and contaminants along with the very real potential for fire to spread into every room within seconds, hydronic gas central heating systems from Hurlcon Heating are completely safe. Using temperature controlled water fully enclosed within the system, there is no risk of burning from simply touching the radiator. For total peace of mind we also have the Solazar low surface temperature, low h2O, natural convector models available. (With the bonus of being made right here in Keysborough Melbourne, Australia).
  6. Flexible
    Because hydronic central heating is modular, you can expand your system as your needs change, providing the boiler has the capacity.  If you decide to build an extension or renovate, all you need do is plumb the new area and install additional radiators or convectors.
  7. Reliable
    High quality Hurlcon Hydronic Heating systems are designed to provide a long lasting comfortable form of heating you can rely on.  (25 year warranty on ThermaRad radiators).  Your Hurlcon Hydronic Heating system will be an extremely efficient and reliable gas central heating system, requiring only general gas appliance maintenance and servicing. 
  8. Stylish
    Hurlcon Hydronic Heating units can blend in seamlessly with your home décor. There's a wide range of radiator sizes and attractive designer panels to choose from, along with the latest European styles in vertical tube and steel panel radiators along with towel rails, all designed to suit your tastes and needs. Other alternatives are the skirting board convectors, which offer a more concealed look. Our low surface temperature, low water volume, high efficiency Solazar natural convector heaters offer a flat, stylish and minimalist designer look as all pipework is concealed within the casing. (With the added bonus of being made right here in Keysborough Melbourne, Australia).
  9. Efficient & Environmentally Friendly
    Hydronic gas central heating can be powered by natural gas or LPG, making it an environmentally clean option. Hurlcon Hydronic Heating's new high efficiency pre-mix condensing indoor/outdoor boiler - Meteo Green from Beretta, 36 - 3.4 kW's with an impressive 1:10 modulation, an energy saving modulating pump, supplied with a programmable wall thermostat and outdoor sensor to ensure the very best performance from the boiler.  Save on gas and electricity running costs with this state-of-the-art boiler's impeccable green credentials. The  efficiency of a hydronic gas central heating system is also related to the use of small bore pipes to circulate hot water around the system, the pipes are able to be extremely well insulated so heat losses are virtually eliminated unlike ducted central heating. Hydronic central heating systems are by design zonable with the ability to turn off radiators in seldom used rooms, more sophisticated zoning systems can offer even greater efficiencies.  A hydronic gas central heating system will on average cost around 20% less to operate than a gas ducted heating system in a house with 2.7 metre ceilings. With the Lamborghini Futuria Power condensing boilers  along with Beretta's Power Plus and Power Plus Box condensing boilers, Hurlcon Hydronic Heating can offer the best choices for domestic and commerical hydronic gas central heating in Australia.


Q. I have an old house is it possible to install a Hurlcon hydronic heating system?

A. Yes, most houses can have hydronic central heating retrospectively installed. Contact us through our FREE QUOTE ASSIST as Hurlcon Hydronic Heating has a network of independent hydronic heating specialists, with a proven history of quality workmanship and customer satisfaction, willing to provide obligation free quotations either from plan drawings or site visits.

Q. I have young children and I worry about them getting burnt.

A. There is no risk of burning from simply touching the radiator. For total peace of mind we also have the Solazar low surface temperature natural convector models available. (With the bonus of being made right here in Noble Park Melbourne, Australia).

Q. Is there any benefit to insulation?

A. As with all heating, insulation improves the effectiveness by reducing heat loss through walls, floors and ceilings.  The boiler is not running as often for a given output which in turn means savings on fuel bills.

Q. How do I identify when radiators need air bled from them?  How do I bleed air from a radiator?

A. Please refer to the link How to Bleed a Radiator.

Q. What does it cost to install hydronic heating?

A. To install a  hydronic gas central heating system with standard radiators would be an installed cost currently of approximately  $1,300 - $1,500 per radiator which would include the cost of a boiler in an average 3 bedroom house, the price variation depends on the ease or difficulty of installation.  To install hydronic heating in slab the cost would be approximately $75.00 per square metre including the cost of a boiler for an average size home.  For a double pour (1 structural and 1 screed) the cost would be approximately $103.00 per square metre.