Safe, reliable and flexible hydronic central heating

Safe, reliable and flexible hydronic central heating

For the total peace of mind only a Hurlcon Heating hydronic central heating system can bring...

Safety - Where other types of gas central heating have ducts full of dust and contaminants along with the very real potential for fire to spread into every room within seconds, hydronic gas central heating systems from Hurlcon Hydronic Heating are completely safe.  Worried about children or the elderly burning themselves?  Using temperature controlled water fully enclosed within the system, there is no risk of burning from simply touching the radiator. For total peace of mind we also have the Solazar low surface temperature natural convector models available. (With the bonus of being made right here in Keysborough Melbourne Australia).

Reliability - High quality Hurlcon hydronic central heating systems are designed to provide a long lasting comfortable form of heating you can rely on. Your Hurlcon hydronic heating system will be an extremely efficient and reliable gas central heating system, requiring only general gas appliance maintenance and servicing.

Flexibility - Because hydronic central heating is modular, you can expand your system as your needs change, providing the boiler has the capacity. If you decide to build an extension or renovate, all you need do is plumb the new area and install additional hydronic radiators or convectors.

Hurlcon Hydronic Heating - naturally better!